Chicory Sponge with Fava Beans


For 2 people

250 gr of chicory

q.s. flour

q.s. egg white

q.s sugar

100 gr of “Purea di Fave” Legucrem

n.1 red onion

n.1 “Crusco” peppers


Blend together chicory, flour, egg white and sugar and with the help of 1 siphon put it a plastic cup. Then create the sponge of chicory by cooking the mix in the cup with a microwave oven.

Dilute and heat the fava beans purée, while cook the red onion in a balsamic glaze.

Serve, creating a base of fava bean purée and compose the dish with the chicory sponge, the red onion, crunchy pieces of “Crusco” pepper and “puntarelle di cicoria” slices of fresh chicory.

Would you like to try the Purea di Fave at home?

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