Fettuccine, Mussels and Clams on Cream of Grass Peas


For 2 people

100 gr of homemade fettuccine

30 gr of mussels

30 gr of clams

100 gr of “Crema di Cicerchie” Legucrem


While Boil the fettuccine, put mussels and clams (already washed) in a pan with a lid on. When they are opened turn off the heat, take away the sea fruits and preserve their cooking water.

Dilute the grass peas cream and heat it.

Drain the fettuccine al dente and sauté with the mussels, clams and their water, till you got a light cream.
Put diluted cream of grass peas on bottom of a wide soup plate lay on it fettuccine, mussels, clams and serve hot.

Would you like to try the Crema di Cicerchie at home?

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