Lamb Chops in Crust of Black Chickpeas Hummus with Vegetables “Caponata”


For 2 people

200 gr of lamb chops

50 gr of “Hummus di Ceci Neri” Legucrem

50 gr of butter

5 gr of egg white

10 gr of breadcrumbs

n. 1 carrot, zucchini, red and yellow pepper

15 gr. of pine nuts

15 gr. of raisins


Clean the lamb chops. Prepare the crust with black chickpeas hummus, butter, egg white and breadcrumbs; form a sausage, leave it in the blast chiller for 20m and cut it in slices.

Place the slices on the chops before cook them in the oven, taking care to cover the upper part of chops with the tinfoil.

Meanwhile wash, clean and dice all the vegetables for the caponata.

Blanch and sauté the diced vegetables in a pan with raisins and pine nuts. Serve adding also the demi glace of the lamb to the dish.

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