Curled Squid with Cream of Peas, Red Carrots and Rocket Air


For 2 people

n. 3 Fresh squids

100 gr of “Crema di Piselli” Legucrem

150 gr red carrot

100 g of rocket


Clean the squids and cut them in the upper part with a Japanese cut, cook them in a steam oven for 3 minutes, then with a torch roast all the tips that will be formed in the upper part.

Cook the red carrot. Peel it and slice it with a “mandolina” to form discs, then make them all the same with a food ring mold.

Cook the rocket in boiling water with bicarbonate, block the cooking in cold water with ice. Blend it with 1gr / 100gr with lecithin to form air.

Heat the pea cream, compose the dish adding the squids and the rocket foam. Serve immediately to avoid the foam from disappearing.

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