Legucrem It is not the usual food company that you are used to know.

We are the first Italian food company that only deals with selecting the best organic legumes from regions of Puglia and Lucania, to turn them into delicious creams and purees, ready to be tasted!

Legucrem does not represent a single farm, with its production and quality limits, but represents a careful selection of farmers able to guarantee throughout the year the highest standards of organic cultivation. As proof of this, with those farmers who are not able to guarantee the high quality of the product we demand, we do not make partnerships!

In our jars you will find only the legumes of the farmers who with pride and passion cultivate according to the methods and the healthy agricultural traditions that have distinguished our territory for centuries. Traditions that are also reflected in the recipes of our creams!

It’s not the same old story

If we were the usual farmers you are used to know, I should begin this story telling you about how my father and the father of my father and the father of my father’s father etc. etc. have always been farmers and with the sweat of their foreheads and the sacrifice of their backs have created over the years a fantastic farm. And today, with the help of technology “28.0”, social networks and mostly “the power of love” I want to introduce our products to the whole world, ’cause bla bla bla …

In short, the usual story (I know you heard it a lot of times) which, however, has nothing to do with us!

The reality in our case is quite different and as you will read, does not stop at a simple farm, but tries to go beyond certain “parochial” logic.

Our story begins during the winter of 2016, with the discovery of a precise purchase demand that before Legucrem was not yet satisfied by the market offer.

The demand in question is the great growth of online searches for recipes to prepare legume dishes quickly and easily. Without all those “problems” and all that time required by the old fashion way to cook legumes. And of course without all those preservatives that characterize canned legumes that you usually can easily found on the market.

In particular, the public is constantly looking for recipes to prepare velvet creams and legumes purées.

As a strong supporter of organic farming, realize this gap in the market pushed me to do something. So I started wondering how to satisfy this market demand with a completely organic product.

I thought to a product that should have been not just organic, but also made with locally sourced ingredients.
I really wanted a high-quality product that should have helped to live better his consumers and his producers too.

Obviously, in order to do this I had to go along with an expert of the locally sourced ingredients , which would help me to make this idea concrete and real.

I’m talking about my business partner Vito, a farmer and a merchant which over twenty years ago was most likely the first to reintroduce the “lost” cultivation of legumes in our land.

Thanks to his precious contribution and his twenty-year experience, literally on the ground, we managed to make unique the Legucrem project.

The main reason for our uniqueness is that we have a hyper-selected and super controlled supply chain. Only legumes strictly selected and grown in farms of Puglia and Lucania, goes into our premium products.

Only those companies able to guarantee the highest organic cultivation standards all year round can be admitted as our suppliers. With those companies that are not able to ensure the quality of cultivation and the product we demand, we don’t make partnerships!

Indeed, to ensure and guarantee our consumers the best legumes, Vito personally follows every company and every phase of the cultivation: from the choice of the ancient seeds to the crop, from the choice of best biological fertilizers to the final cleaning of the harvested product.

Nothing is left to chance. In order to keep the quality of our creams high every legumes crop before becoming a Legucrem cream, it’s subjected to strict controls by specialized laboratories.

How could you read, Legucrem is not the usual farm, but represents the best legumes crops that territory of Puglia and Lucania can offer.

Legucrem is not the result of a single farm, with its objective production and quality limits.

Legucrem represents the whole of those farms that proudly want to continue producing legumes following the methods and agricultural traditions that for centuries have been distinguished our territory.

Ancient traditions that, as you will taste, are also reflected in the reception of our creams!

Nicola Maino